Installing Vinyl Fence on a Steep Hill

One of the biggest challenges when building a fence is dealing with slopes. Before planning and purchasing fence materials, it is imperative to be conscious of reasons such as what the function of the fence is; the best style to accomplish the function, landscaping, and the architecture of the home. Vinyl fencing has become popular over […]

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Converting Your Chain Link Fence Into a Privacy Fence

When privacy comes to mind, the last thing that most people think about is a chain link fence. However, chain link fences can be easily and inexpensively into a real privacy fence by simply filling in the spaces between the mesh. There are a few ways that this can be accomplished. Here are a few […]

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Home Fence Options for Your Dog

If you have a dog, especially a high energy dog, you know that there is no replacement for a large fenced in area. Walking, visits to the dog park and inside play are all helpful, but having your own fenced in yard is invaluable to the dog ownership experience. The most important considerations are what […]

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Quality Dumpster Enclosures for Businesses in Greensboro NC

A good deal of making the ownership or management of an apartment complex successful is making it look neat, tidy, and appealing. Most people will be more attracted to a community that appears clean and well-looked after than one that is not. There are many ways that you, as an owner or manager, can make […]

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4 Benefits of Aluminum Fencing for Your Home

There are all kinds of fencing options you can use to improve the look and security of your property. One of the most popular forms of fencing is aluminum fencing. Aluminum fencing is a great alternative to wood, vinyl, and other materials. And the great news is it doesn’t have to consist of the rather […]

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Vinyl Ranch Fence Styles for Horses

Keeping horses and cattle safe is important to all who keep such animals. No one wants their animals wandering around the highways. This puts both the horse and drivers at risk. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have the right kind of fence installed. Wooden fences used to fulfill this function. […]

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Cleaning Tips For Your Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are beautiful attractions for any property. They’re easy to clean, and very durable. Their beauty can come in several different shades, so that homeowners aren’t beholden to just the classic white. Even if you want the look of wood, without the actual hassle of maintaining it, there are a few vinyl options to […]

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Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Lawn

Homeowners love their backyards. This is where the kids play, adults get together for special occasions, and it is just a great place to sit and relax. One of the most affordable and attractive ways to enhance any yard is to install a privacy fence. With a privacy fence, families can enjoy their time together […]

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Jon Folsom will be on Truth Network Radio, Robby’s Hobbies Show! 5/10/14 11am-12pm

Tune in to Truth Network Radio on Saturday, May 10th – our very own Jon Folsom will be appearing live on the Robby’s Hobbies show from 11:00am to 12:00pm! Locally, the show is carried on the following radio stations: 830AM, 97.7FM and 102.9FM We’re thrilled to be on the air with Robby Dilmore, it’s a fantastic […]

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5 Benefits of a Privacy Fence (Wood or Vinyl)

When making a decision about the boundary of your property, it’s important to consider the many benefits available to homeowners who choose a privacy fence, regardless of the material used to build it. Privacy fences made of wood and vinyl are equally effective, though vinyl is a more expensive option that requires less maintenance.   […]

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